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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


It's not online, so generally I would just link, but I'm going to repost it in its entirety, since you can't read it unless you grab an Examiner today! Check out the very very interesting comments from Carmen. Someone is scared...

Examiner Staff Writer
Four former American University trustees who resigned amid the investigation into ex-school president Benjamin Ladner said in an open letter Tuesday that the current board is disseminating “inaccurate” and “flat-out false” information about what happened behind closed doors this summer.
The trustees — former board chairwoman Leslie Bains, George Collins, Leonard Jaskol and Paul Wolff — said assertions that the ad hoc committee of 13 pro-Ladner trustees, dubbed the “Gang of 13,” never existed are completely false and that the “gang” tried to negotiate a quick reinstatement of Ladner before the students or faculty could voice their opinions.
Current trustee David Carmen, considered the leader of the “gang,” said he feels the former trustees’ letter is “sad.”
“The writers of this letter seem intent on sowing dissent, squandering university resources and misleading the public about the matters of the last few months,” Carmen told The Examiner on Tuesday. “Each of these individuals chose to continue to pursue their personal agendas and remove themselves from the fray rather than make the tough choices needed to chart a new, positive course for American University.”
The four trustees said that early in the investigation, the larger group repeatedly attempted to “cut back” the audit process from three years to one and consistently tried to gain complete control of negotiations.
Trustee Matthew Pittinsky, who organized a town hall meeting with students last Thursday, said the group never existed.
“The idea that the board was split with factions — that their even was a group of 13 trustees who acted as a block — is false,” said Pittinsky. “I personally watched all trustees vote their conscience, change their mind over time, agree and then disagree with certain colleagues, etcetera.”
The letter states the group routinely sent e-mails under the title “ad hoc committee” and listed 13 members.
The letter also disputes statements that the report by the board’s Audit Committee was accepted “without reservations.”
“This statement is completely and absolutely reckless and bears no relationship to the truth,” the letter states. “[The] effort is marked by repeated efforts by various board members to curtail its effort and ultimately to dilute its conclusions — all in ways that only benefited Ben Ladner.”
Turmoil continues at AU
- Four former trustees sent a second open letter to the AU community.
- The letter states current trustees are trying to bury the truth.
- Current trustee David Carmen called the Ladner drama “a reign of terror in the board room.”
- Carmen said former board chairwoman Leslie Bains refused to share audit information for months.


Now that's funny. Because they pretty much say the same thing about you, Mr. Carmen. And funnily enough, they actually have the record to BACK that statement, unlike you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Carmen more and more fits the stereotype of the greasy Washington lobbyist. Who was the moron that decided that this guy would be a good choice to lead a university?

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It's true. I spoke with Carmen briefly after the town hall meeting and had the overwhelming need to take a hot shower when I got home. Even then, I didn't quite feel clean....

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