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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Today's events

OK, first off... today is going to be the information game. There are back-up plans, and they are mostly what someone just commented with. There's groundwork for walk-outs, there's groundwork for contacting Congress, there's groundwork for a class action lawsuits. Whatever we have to pull out, we're ready for it. And this isn't just my group, there are faculty, deans, and student government working at some level on these plans. So don't fret yet... we just need to see what deck of cards we're playing with first.

That said, SIS is the only school having a council meeting today. So if you are an SIS student, and you are otherwise not doing much at 2 pm, go to the SIS lounge to see what your school is saying. This is going to be a meeting primarily for the dean and the faculty, but students are welcome to attend.

I've been trying to get info on the other schools, but it looks like the others will not be having council meetings (so you should ENCOURAGE your professors to ask for one). Kay from CAS met with dept. heads this morning, so CAS is heading in the right direction, but SPA seems to have no plans. Please please encourage your school to have a council meeting.

In disappointing news, Tony Ahrens has cancelled the extraordinary meeting of the Faculty Senate planned for this Wednesday. I understand the need to have more discussions amongst each school, but I feel that that could have still effectively been done today with council meetings, as SIS is proving.

I shall try to provide an update after the SIS meeting with the results, etc. In addition, more information is coming to me today and I am trying to find out what can be made public and what cannot be.

SIS people, see you at 2!


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