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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Some thoughts and a link

If you haven't read Sen. Grassley's letter to The Board, it's hosted at the Washington Post and also at the Finance Committee's website (currently second item down). It's a PDF file both times, just to warn you.

My thoughts on the Senate thing are pretty simple... it's going to work. It's not bad press for American University, it's bad press for the Board of Trustees. A distinction MUST be made between the two entities. The Board of Trustees does not represent American University. Simple. End of story. American University as a community... our deans, our faculty, our students, our staff, our campus as a whole, is strong, and perhaps stronger than ever. Not only are the students of American University learning a lot, but everyone here is... other schools are learning their lessons. AU is not the joke here, the Board is, and Ladner is.

A professor-friend called this situation "an eminently teachable moment." And I completely agree 100%. We just need to make sure we aren't the only ones learning the lesson.


Blogger JH said...

The Finance Committee was already working in charitable reform, and AU's Board of Trustees is going to let them pull a Sarbanes-Oxley for non-profits, with AU in the role of Enron.

This document dump to the Senate will be very enlightening, though.

4:30 PM

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