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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Some other things

Well, the big read of the day is obviously Wolff's resignation letter. I just heard that the Eagle has a received a copy, so I assumed it was safe to post.

NBC covered Wolff's resignation, and interestingly enough, their informal online poll has some rather overwhelming results:

Should American University's board of trustees award Benjamin Ladner a severance package?


No 1565 92%

92% is a pretty large number. Pretty hard to argue with too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I met with Dr. Jamie Shea in the Fall of 2002 while studying in Brussels with the AU World Capitals program, he expressed interest in getting involved in academia in the U.S. , extremely intelligent, a PR professional, and not as much as a hawk as one would think for a former NATO spokesman. SHEA for AU Prez!

10:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm becoming a big fan of Kerwin to take over as president. He has all the qualifications, almost was named president at two prestigious universities, has the AU connections...

Why would they not go for the obvious choice?

12:18 PM


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