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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Post covers

Just as a brief interlude, the Post has gotten their article online already (With a fun picture of our u-haul!).

Ladner's $3.75 milion deal severs ties to AU

Aw, man, check out that U-haul.

OH! It's been updated since I first read it: Ladner has spoken! I'm working to see if that's the extent of his statement or if there is more.

In a statement sent by e-mail last night, Ladner said: "Nancy and I will always regard the opportunity we had to serve American University for eleven years as a great honor and privilege. We are especially grateful for the quiet but strong support expressed by so many friends, colleagues and students."

In other news from this article, George Collins has also resigned. Which means hopefully tomorrow I'll have a letter posted (although I'm not sure, to be honest, if he has one).

Last night, another trustee resigned, saying he could not accept the deal. "It is too excessive," said George J. Collins, who was one of only a few trustees who voted last week to give Ladner nothing. "Unfortunately, my position was the minority opinion."

Collins joins three trustees who have left in the past 15 days with public statements criticizing the majority on the board who, Collins said, "put Ben Ladner before American University." A fourth trustee recently resigned citing demands at work.

OK, my reactions next. I'm trying to be in bed by 1 AM, as I have to TA a class tomorrow at 9:55, so I might make them brief, but yes. Soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, AU got rid of him and got off cheap. Using legal tactics, that bastard might have been able to hang around and stay on the payroll as the highest-paid professor on campus. Since most students would have boycotted his class it would have been even worse.

He's going to be gone before long and looking for other public venues where he can abuse his trust. But it won't be AU anymore.

AU is a great university, but manages to maintain a less-than-stellar reputation since it can't seem to hire people who aren't sexual deviants or pilferers. The whole goddamned board should resign, because they're no better.

10:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The entire board should resign! I agree with that.

As for the rest, you have no idea what you are talking bout. AU did not get rid of him cheaply. He bamboozled AU! There is so much evidence stacked against Ladner that he would have gotten much less in court, if anything at all. Why do you think he accepted? Legal fees would have probably accounted for the bulk of money lost in such a case. Plus, the reason he got $4 million is not only because of legal tactics, but also because numerous people on the board are his corrupt friends; cronyism anyone?

I want to know more abut when there is going to be a student walkout? What the story is with a possible class action suit against the board or Ladner? What is the story with putting tuition for the spring in escrow accounts to hit the board where it hurts them? Why isn't the board paying Ladner out of their own pockets? And what the story is with DC's Representatives in the House getting involved?

As for the sexual deviant thing, you are missing information. That Ex-President had mental health issues due to sexual harassment that was inflicted upon him as a child. He went and got counseling and apologized for phone calls he made (he never molested anyone). That does not take anything away from the sad state of affairs at AU and the offensive nature of his phone calls...but it points out how different that case is to the Ladner one. The former is basically completely irrelevant at this point.

But as agreed upon earlier, DOWN WITH THE BOARD! What can we do to help?

12:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The board needs to go. Where was their oversight when Ladner was spending all this money? And rewarding him for theft with almost a million dollars ... there is no way I'd ever send my child there unless the board is replaced, knowing that my tuition could easily be spent on some thief's high style of living. Shame on him for accepting the money, too - he is a snake.

12:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


When you get a little more experience in life you'll understand that in the end it was less costly paying Ladner off and getting his ass off of campus. Had he not taken their bait, he would have stayed and milked AU for millions more. He could have mounted a long legal challenge to getting rid of him completely, which would have been very expensive and prolonged the controversy. Sometimes it's just cheaper to pay the extortion and get rid of the worthless bastards. That, in my opinion, is the case with Ladner.

As far as Berendzen goes, let me take a moment to expose your ignorance. Making obscene phone calls is a form of sexual deviance called “telephone scatologia,” a form of paraphilia (sexual arousal from an activity or object). It has nothing to do with whether one molests someone or not. Further, shortly after his resignation Berendzen was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore at the Sexual Disorders Clinic. Not a deviant, huh?

It also makes no difference whether he was abused as a child or not. Sexual deviancy is just that regardless of the cause. Your pathetic defense of him reveals a lot about you. Why are you so defensive about this kind of behavior? Got your phone card handy?

I am also so totally unimpressed with the fact the he “apologized.” Apologies do not remove the trauma that victims of sexual deviancy such as this experience. You have no idea what these women went through (and we’ll never know how many obscene this man actually made).

In short, you are so totally full of shit.

3:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Like totally!"

Wow, you just don't get it do you...what a shame.

Oh well, back to the relevant issue at hand.

9:26 PM

Blogger Meg said...

Re: Prof. Berendzen... I think it's a very different situation, and I try to avoid getting into it, but I don't think that we can use it as a precedent in any way for what we're dealing with now.

As to his guilt or innocence, or what I think about that, I am not getting into that it any way, but personally I have no problems with him staying on as a professor, and I in fact am planning on taking one of his classes next semester if I can fit it into my schedule.

10:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, like totally. I knew that you'd have a problem with my latest post, which refuted your ignorant claims. (Jay-zuz, what a moron thinking that you actually have to molest someone to be a sexual deviant. I guess all those assholes out there who trade kiddie porn, but who have not ever actually molested a child, aren't really deviants, right? Or, maybe you like kiddie porn too?).

So, you have nothing more to say to defend your fellow deviant? You're not even a good Republican, because you didn't even try to make up facts to support your half-baked ideas. It's a little hard for me to believe that with your extremely poor reasoning, lack of grasp on facts, general ignorance and weak argumentation that you're really enrolled at AU. If you are, that only proves how far downhill AU has gone since hiring the deviant and the crook. Maybe you're related to someone there?

11:36 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dipshit! Let go of the issue. Both of you are wrong and stupid. At least the earlier person had the sense to move on to the important issue at hand. Learn how to check your ego at the door and get back to something constructive. Stop arguing to make yourself feel better and actually do something worthwhile. What a conceited loser you are. I shouldn’t even be validating your posting it’s so far off the point; as Meg also noted the situations are fundamentally different. Learn how to walk away from an argument when there is nothing to be won!

Down with the Board...

9:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Right on. I think that AU deserves better in many ways. It needs a new board and it needs to drop those two misguided souls fighting on this blog ...especially the second person who is essentially fighting with him or herself at this point. Grow up, get the point, and make a difference.

Down with the board and immature people with nothing better to do than anonymously bicker online about issues they lack info on!

Make helpful changes. Don't just talk shit.

Who knew this blog would be so informative and entertaining?

9:19 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AU deserves a better board and better students. You mental dwarfs have no concept of debate, just slogans like "down with the board!" That sounds more like what would come out the mouth of a 6th grader than a college student.

"Down with the board!"
"Peace and justice for all mankind!"
"Let's love one another!"
"Save the whales!"

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice try.

It must be rough continuously falling short in your life to the point where you stalk someone's blog ust jto insult an entire community and project your angst.

Meg, do you know when the next faculty meeting is?

Thanks again for this great blog.

2:43 PM


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