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Friday, October 28, 2005

Good news!

50th post, and some good news.

Senate Panel Requests Records From AU on Ladner and Board

In a four-page letter, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) asked for details on all no-bid contracts over $100,000, copies of all correspondence with the Internal Revenue Service for the past five years, biographies of each trustee and documentation of how the board made certain decisions.

AU is the first college to get an inquiry letter in an ongoing review of charities led by Grassley and Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), and it broadens the scope of the committee's oversight. "It appears the AU board could be a poster child for why review and reform are necessary," Grassley wrote in a letter sent to the acting AU board chairman, Thomas A. Gottschalk, yesterday afternoon.

Please please, continue signing the forms. We will be tabling between 12 and 4 tomorrow in MGC with laptops as well, if you'd rather do it then. In the meantime, it's only a link away.


Why is this good news? It's above the Board. They're finally going to be held accountable by someone with real power. Also, AU can set an example, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If we truly turn this school around and SHOW that we're a strong community, and that we CAN do what's right, then I think we will get a lot of respect. BU went through something similar, and yet I can't think of anyone from back home who thinks of that first when they think of BU (I actually think of the McDonalds there, because they have one of those policies where if your food isn't ready in under 90 seconds, it's free -- lemme tell you, AU's McD's could use some of that same speediness).

P.S. Editorial/Opinion in USA Today mentions us as well...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the AU undergraduates! While the deans and school councils/senates have issued essentially toothless resolutions that the Board just shrugs off, the undergraduates produced real results through their actions. This time they have gotten US Congress involved; previously they made some Board members aware for the first time (incredibly) that Ben Ladner wasn't wanted anymore when they protested outside the Butler board room.

An appreciative alumnus.

4:12 PM


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