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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

GLC Resolution

This evening at a Special Meeting of the Graduate Leadership Council, the following resolution was passed by a 4-0 vote (the Kogod president was unable to attend):

"We, the Graduate Students of American University, are appalled at the compensation package that the Board of Trustees has given Dr. Ladner. We condemn and denounce in the strongest manner the opacity under which this board operates. We call for the immediate reconstitution of the Board of Trustees in consultation with the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of this University. Additionally, we call on the Board to cease all searches for a permanent president pending such reconstitution. At such time, we strongly call for broad student representation and participation in the presidential search. Finally, we strongly encourage institutional governance reform in collaboration with all campus constituencies."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Resolution after resolution. Certainly, thse are good things...but I feel as though AU is just going through the motions. What do all of these add up to?

10:29 PM

Blogger Meg said...

OK, the important thing about the resolutions is that because SO many of them are coming, it shows that AU is united against the settlement. From there, that proves there is a basis for action, and that action is warranted. If we had acted without these resolutions and statements, it would have seemed rash, foolish, and without merit.

I have been posting them so the readers of the blog can see what their respective schools/representatives have been saying, but also so I can have a collection of them as well.

10:37 PM

Anonymous Erica said...

WTF is with the bizarre "letter of apology" from the board this morning? "Notwithstanding vigorous internal debate and too often public disagreement..."? Are board members supposed to maintain some absurd fiction that they never disagree? How can that possibly coexist with the call for greater transparency further down in the letter? Note to Mr. Gottschalk: "transparency" pretty much equals "public disagreement."

They also say the board needs to have a "better understanding of the concerns and priorities of all who work and learn here." They had this understanding last week, and chose to completely ignore it. Failure to *understand* that faculty and students alike opposed a golden parachute was hardly the problem. Failure to *act* on that understanding... now there's the issue.

5:07 PM


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