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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Contact Congress

There are very few things above the Board of Trustees, and most people will tell you there are none. That's not entirely the case, however... Congress was the entity that chartered the school. They have amended the charter as recently as 1996. They could easily look into this situation now and remove the Board.

So tell them what you think. Here's a handy link:
to target your representatives and the ones who would be looking into this. It emails/faxes them for you after you input your information, just like the things the HRC, etc. have.

As this is put into place, I'll keep you updated, but obviously this is Kyle's thing and we are only helping. I know something is going up on the AU SG website (, but I'm not sure if its everything or just a link, but I'll post it when it happens.

And on that note, I retire for the night. And it's even before 1 AM!


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